Hogwarts Legacy Has Five Different Performance Modes On Xbox Series X 2

Our official Hogwarts Legacy review for Xbox Series X has finally landed today at Pure Xbox, and we're pleased to say we've been absolutely loving the game so far, giving it an "Excellent" 9/10 review score.

Interestingly, we discovered during the review process that Hogwarts Legacy actually has five different performance modes on Xbox Series X (if your display can support them), which are Fidelity, Fidelity With Raytracing, Balanced, Performance and HFR Performance. You can see descriptions about all of these in the image above.

The default for us was "Balanced", which appears to jump between 30 frames per-second and 60 frames per-second depending on how much is happening on screen at the time. Our favourite of the five so far, however, has been "Performance", which largely seems to stick around the 60FPS mark (with a few drops now and again), and while the visuals do take a hit compared to the likes of "Fidelity", it's not a major graphical decline by any means.

As you can also see in the image above, you've got the ability to customise these performance modes to your liking as well. You can change whether the frame rate is capped or not, whether there's motion blur, and a variety of other options. It's nice to see Avalanche Software going the extra mile to add as many choices as possible here!

We know you're also wondering about the Xbox Series S version, but sadly we didn't get a chance to test the performance mode options on Microsoft's smaller next-gen console during our limited time with the game prior to review. However, other videos have begun popping up on YouTube over the past few hours, confirming that Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox Series S includes a "Fidelity" mode and a "Performance" mode.

If you're more interested in the Xbox Series S version, you can see a video below with more details.

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