We're used to seeing plenty of video game comparisons these days - many of us like to be aware of the differences between the Xbox and PlayStation versions of a game, for example. However, this week's Hogwarts Legacy launch has provided us with a unique comparison point: how the open world RPG stacks up to the movie franchise it's based on.

YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has done just that, providing some incredibly fascinating comparison shots where scenes from the movies line up pretty well with those from the game. We get some sweeping castle shots, exterior grounds comparisons, classroom tours; the whole works. What's clear is that the team at Portkey Games has done an amazing job bringing this world to life.

That job goes beyond visual comparisons as well. We ourselves spent 20 hours going hands-on with Hogwarts Legacy in the run up to launch, and we've been mighty impressed by what the team has bubbled up in its big old development cauldron. Harry Potter fans - this is the game you've been waiting for!

As for those traditional video game comparisons, Hogwarts Legacy provides plenty of video output options for Xbox Series X players. The game has five performance modes in total, including ray tracing and 120Hz options.

Are you surprised at how well the team has managed to capture the magic of the movies? Leave your thoughts on the comparison down below.