Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has revealed its first free update since the game's 'Legacy of the Moonspell' DLC pack, and it brings a new free challenge stage to all players, including on Xbox Game Pass.

And the best bit? It's available today, February 9th!

Update 1.3.0 brings the new 'Bat Country' challenge stage, three new achievements and two new relics to the ever-popular Game Pass title - a title we thought ended up being one of the best indies to come to the service in ages.

All of the new content is of course featured in the trailer up above. The new stage looks as bonkers as ever, with about a million bats attacking the player and rewards just flying all over the place. Typical Vampire Survivors, then!

The team is staying true to its word on 2023 content here - this update is entirely free for all Vampire Survivors players and Xbox Game Pass users. Not that the game or its single paid DLC pack are very expensive anyway!

Will you be playing this latest Vampire Survivors update? Let us know!