Slime Rancher 2 is out now on Xbox Game Preview & Xbox Game Pass, and the team at Monomi Park has revealed the game's first major post-launch update roughly five months after release.

The 'Song of the Sabers' update is out now, and things are looking very wintery in Rainbow Island. The fresh and frosty locale features new gadgets to build, new snowy sights to take in, and err, snowball fights if that's your thing!

Here's the setup for Slime Rancher 2 Song of the Sabers, straight from the team:

"Your adventure begins when Beatrix LeBeau discovers a mysterious glacier off the coast of Ember Valley known as Powderfall Bluffs. As if it were a giant, icy time capsule, this new biome holds a thriving community of prehistoric Saber Slimes and Thundercluck chickens within, as well as a treasure trove of new resources for crafting and strange, auroral anomalies scattered about the zone."

Is this something you'll be getting stuck into soon on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know!