xbox hogwarts sales

Right, we always suspected that Hogwarts Legacy would sell extremely well given the popularity of the IP, and that sentiment is already starting to ring true. While only limited sales data is available right now — these findings are based on physical sales in the UK — the game is off to flying start.

First off, Hogwarts Legacy is officially the biggest Harry Potter video game launch ever in the UK. While Portkey's launch week only just pipped the biggest week for 2001's The Philosophers Stone (by 2%), a few key factors make this even more impressive.

One of them being that this is pure physical sales data in the UK, with digital excluded from these initial findings. Of course, the 2001 title launched when digital distribution wasn't a thing at all - in 2023 digital sales will have taken up a huge chunk of Hogwarts Legacy sales.

Also, this is purely a current-gen console and PC launch right now; the PS4 and Xbox One versions arrive later on April 4th. Those systems have huge install bases, and a series like Harry Potter should sell gangbusters on those platforms as well. It's all looking good for Portkey and WB Games then!

One final point is that, compared to February 2022's biggest game in the form of Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy has performed very, very well. The Harry Potter RPG has sold 80% more UK physical copies in its launch week than Elden Ring managed last February.

Once digital figures roll in we should have a clearer understanding of the scale of Hogwarts Legacy's success, but for now, initial data suggests that this game could end up being one of the biggest sellers of the year.

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