Here's What's Included In The Xbox February 2023 Update

Microsoft has revealed the new features and changes coming in the Xbox February 2023 update, which officially rolls out today! The highlight is that the recently announced sustainability updates are now available to everyone (not just Xbox Insiders), but we've also got some other cool additions including Google Home app integration!

Here's the complete list of what's coming to Xbox in the February 2023 update:

Energy Settings Updates

"Xbox is now the first console to offer carbon aware game downloads and updates. When your console is plugged in, connected to the internet and regional carbon intensity data is available, Xbox will schedule game, app, and OS updates for your console at specific times during the nightly maintenance window..."

"You can choose what works best for you and adjust your settings at any time. Shutdown (energy saving) cuts power use by up to 20x when it’s off compared to the Sleep power option."

Hide Game Art When Selecting Tiles On Home

"With this new feature gamers can hide game art so it will no longer replace the Home background each time you move to select a game tile. Instead, the Home background will always remain the solid color of your choice."

Use Google Home App As Touch Remote Control

"Today, we’ve partnered with Google so that you can use the Google Home app as a touch remote control for your Xbox console. Now, when you add your Xbox console to your Google Home app, you’ll be able to easily turn your console on and off, navigate on-screen, control media playback, and more."

Easily Jump Back Into A Party

"We’re experimenting with some different experiences to make it easy to jump back into a party with your friends. As we roll this out, a random subset of users will be able to give it a try.

To get started, go to the “Parties & Chats” tab in the guide on your Xbox console. Click on the “Party” or “Party History” button. You’ll see a list of your previous parties, which you can use to restart one of those parties or create a new one. You can also easily select which friends you want to invite."

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