After years and years of development over at Mundfish studio, Atomic Heart still has a few secrets tucked away even if we've seen a lot of this game over the years. One of those secrets is that legendary DOOM composer Mick Gordon features on the game's soundtrack - get ready to struggle staying seated while playing this game!

Gordon revealed his involvement in the project this week via Twitter; also including a poignant message about the ongoing war in Ukraine as part of his announcement post.

Some eagle-eyed observers may have also noticed that the above live action trailer contains another crossover announcement. 'The Boys' and 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles will feature in Atomic Heart when the game launches later this month.

Mundfish's weird and wonderful open world shooter arrives Feb. 21st, including a day one Xbox Game Pass release. The more we hear about this one the more we want to dive in, explore, and destroy strange soviet robots to the rockin' beat!

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