xbox atomic heart

Mundfish's crazy-looking shooter Atomic Heart is just about two weeks away from launch, and the team has updated the game on Xbox Live so we can get the full thing preloaded before it hits Xbox Game Pass.

For Xbox Series X users, Atomic Heart is a chunky 78.6GB at the time of writing, so you might want to make sure you've got some SSD space cleared for this one. The overall file size may change slightly in the run up to launch, but for now, that's where things stand.

Once everything's all installed and ready to go, we've just got the wait for launch! Atomic Heart hits Xbox Game Pass on February 21st across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Our latest look at the game dropped last week, and it proved a very impressive showing from the dev team. The pre-launch overview trailer showcased about 10 minutes of gameplay from various different sections of Atomic Heart's game world.

Are you hyped to try this one out via Game Pass? Let us know in the comments!