Atomic Heart hits Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, February 21st, with outlets now posting reviews, early footage and the likes around the web. In and amongst these are some early tests of the Xbox Series S version of the game, which despite a 60FPS performance target, seems a bit mixed so far.

While The Xbox Tester appears impressed with their first look at the game, the more technical analysis shown above does display some chinks in Atomic Heart's '60FPS' armour. To sum the analysis video up, the game seems to broadly hit 60FPS in the early underground sections and outside of heavy combat, but once things kick into gear outside, we're seeing drops to roughly 45FPS pretty regularly.

Now, the good news here is that from playing the game from start to finish ourselves, we can say that the vast majority of the story campaign takes place in these underground facilities, so the dips shouldn't have a massive affect on players who're bombing through the main story. If you're out exploring Atomic Heart's world at a slower pace however, you may run into some lower performing areas of the game on Series S.

It's worth noting that a VRR display should help out with these kinds of FPS drops quite a bit - we used one for our review playing on Xbox Series X and didn't notice many issues beyond the odd stutter here and there.

Either way, the Xbox Series S version is a little shaky judging by this early footage. Still, we wouldn't let that deter you too much given how Atomic Heart's roughly 15-hour story campaign plays out.

Will you be diving into this one on day one? Or will you wait for a patch? Leave your thoughts down below.