It's finally almost time for Atomic Heart to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as part of the February 2023 Xbox Game Pass lineup! This is arguably the most highly anticipated Game Pass launch of February, and it takes the form of a wacky FPS with some action RPG elements thrown in.

Here's everything you need to know about the Atomic Heart launch on Xbox Game Pass, including the release date, release times and preload details. Just a few more days to go!

Atomic Heart Xbox Release Date

The official release date for Atomic Heart on Xbox Game Pass is Tuesday, February 21st.

Atomic Heart is included with Xbox Game Pass on day one, but you can also pre-order it on the Xbox Store if you prefer - there's a standard edition, a Gold Edition and a Premium Edition. Take your pick!

Atomic Heart Xbox Release Times

Atomic Heart's release time on Xbox Game Pass is 00:01am on February 21st across all regions.

Atomic Heart Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox Game Pass 2

Atomic Heart Xbox Preload Times

You can already preload Atomic Heart on Xbox Game Pass right now ahead of launch.

There are two ways to do this - you can either head to the Xbox Game Pass app on your console/PC and find Atomic Heart in the "coming soon" section, or you can use the Xbox apps on your phone to search and download that way.

Atomic Heart Xbox Download Size

The Atomic Heart Xbox download size is around 79.7GB at launch on Xbox Series X.

Keep in mind that this doesn't include any potential day one updates that we might see.

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