Apex Legends Season 16 is almost here, and normally we wouldn't be that fussed if it was a standard battle royale-filled season of content to be honest. However, developer Respawn is going back to its Titanfall roots with the addition of a traditional team deathmatch mode.

Yep, Apex sounds like it's becoming a broader free-to-play FPS with Season 16's arrival thanks to a new TDM game mode. The battle royale has dabbled with alternate game modes before with the likes of Apex Legends 'Arenas', but this is probably the most traditional FPS mode to appear yet.

Back in the Titanfall 2 days, 'Attrition' was the closest we got to TDM, but of course, back then the mode was filled with those big ol' titan machines as well. Having said that, the team did dabble with titan-less modes and playlists back in the day too.

Outside of the new game mode, Season 16 is also filled with what you'd normally expect - balance tweaks to existing 'Legends', a new weapon and more, although this season doesn't feature a brand-new Legend character this time around.

If you fancy giving the new mode a whirl, Apex Legends Season 16 lands on February 14th for all platforms.

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