Apex Legends Next Gen

Apex Legends' stealth launch was over three years ago now, believe it or not. Since then, a wee pair of consoles called Xbox Series X|S have launched, and we've been waiting for Respawn's battle royale to take advantage of their features for a while. The time has now arrived!

Alongside the Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event, the developer has surprise launched the Xbox Series X|S versions! If you've already got Apex installed it'll automatically update to the new version. If not, Smart Delivery will take care of things, and the next-gen version will install automatically from the store page.

In terms of what the upgrade actually delivers, there's quite a lot going on here. First up, the Xbox Series X version runs at full 4K, 60 frames per second, along with delivering higher resolution shadow maps and improved level-of-detail distances. The Xbox Series S version also runs at a full 60fps, with HDR supported across both systems.

However, there's another selection of upgrades arriving at a later date, and these all apply to both Xbox Series X and Series S. The big one is 120Hz support, offering an even smoother experience on both systems. Then, Respawn says general audio and visual improvements will also arrive somewhere down the line.

This sounds like a solid upgrade overall, even if we're already awaiting that 120fps option.

Will you be dipping back into the Apex arena with this update? Let us know in the comments.

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