Another Six Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (February 15)
Image: CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed the official dates and platforms, which we've updated below. We've also got six more games that have been announced for Xbox Game Pass in mid-February!

Original story: The official Xbox app has revealed that six games are set to be removed from Xbox Game Pass in the middle part of February 2023, including the Xbox exclusive CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst, which is one of the paid single-player campaigns in the otherwise free-to-play shooter.

Xbox Game Pass is now the only way you can play this campaign if you haven't bought it already, as it's been delisted on the Xbox Store ahead of CrossfireX's upcoming server closure.

You can check out what we thought of it down below:

Elsewhere, we've also got the likes of Recompile and Infernax leaving the library, the latter of which we gave an "Excellent" 9/10 score to in our review back in February of last year.

It hasn't been confirmed yet, but we believe these games will be leaving the service on February 15th.

Xbox Game Pass: Leaving Soon (February 15th, 2023)

Date Game Platform
February 15 Besiege (Game Preview) Console, PC, Cloud
February 15 CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst Console, Cloud
February 15 Infernax Console, PC, Cloud
February 15 Recompile Console, PC, Cloud
February 15 Skul: The Hero Slayer Console, PC, Cloud
February 15 The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom Console, PC, Cloud

As usual, Xbox Game Pass members can get a discount of (at least) 20% on these titles before they're removed.

We've got four games announced for Xbox Game Pass in February 2023 as things stand right now, and we're hoping Microsoft might have a few extra to add at some point next week. Atomic Heart is the highlight of the bunch so far!

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