Update (Wed 1st Feb, 2023): It's been confirmed today that Amnesia: The Bunker has been delayed slightly to May 16th, 2023. The game is still set to release for Xbox One, Series X and Series S as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Original story (Thu 1st Dec, 2022): We've got a new Amnesia game on the way! Amnesia: The Bunker has officially been confirmed for Xbox consoles with a release window of March 2023, and it's described as a "pivotal point in the beloved horror series".

In Amnesia: The Bunker, you'll be able to explore a semi-open, horror-fuelled world, in which you'll be "equipped with high levels of freedom to impact gameplay" with hardly any scripted events at all. The game will allow you to use "wits and whatever tools are at your disposal to overcome the looming horrors", with every decision changing the outcome of how the game responds. Sounds pretty cool to us!

Here are some more details on what to expect:

"Amnesia: The Bunker will feature a new kind of horror survival adventure that incorporates emergent gameplay and sandbox elements into the mix. Players will be in total control of their moment-to-moment decisions. Armed with a revolver gun and a noisy dynamo flashlight, players will walk the course of an ill-lighted WW1 bunker on the shoes of a French soldier troubled by his amnesia and hunted by an otherworldly creature."

If you're intrigued, don't forget that various Amnesia games were added to Xbox Game Pass in 2022, including the most recent one - Amnesia: Rebirth. That one in particular comes highly recommended!

You can check out some official images for Amnesia: The Bunker down below:

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