2016 Xbox Exclusive 'ReCore' Reappears With Cryptic Social Media Post

ReCore was one of those weird exclusives from the Xbox One era, spawning from an unlikely partnership between Microsoft and a developer with experience working on Metroid Prime. Well, the game's official Instagram page has posted a rather cryptic message this week - its first post in more than five years.

We have no idea what this post actually means, or why it exists at all to be honest. The game's official Twitter page hasn't posted it out either, which makes the whole thing seem even more odd.

The image itself contains a bunch of handwritten mumbo jumbo on a tired-looking notebook page. The post itself adds, "Anyone know what I'm up to with this cryptic code?"

We've never seen any proper hints of a ReCore sequel, but the game does come up from time to time in Xbox land. Back in 2020, developer Armature expressed its desire to make a sequel, while Xbox Game Studios Publishing also posted about the game's five-year anniversary back in 2021.

Even so, Armature did say it had "not talked specifically about creating a new ReCore game" in its 2020 interview, so we never really expected the series to return. That was three years ago though, so we could potentially be looking at a comeback. We'll have to wait and see what comes next from these social channels, if anything at all.

Would you like to see ReCore come back? Let us know your thoughts on the original game down below.