Xbox Series XS
Image: Xbox

It looks like Xbox's efforts to crack the Japanese market might finally be paying off. After one year of availability worldwide, the Xbox Series X|S model has apparently already outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox One in the region.

This information comes via Game Data Library. It's apparently shifted around 116,119 units in just one year compared to Xbox One's 114,726 units after about seven and half years. It's worth noting the latest figure includes the combined sales of Xbox Series X and S models.

While it's not entirely official just yet, it was only a matter of time - following on from last month, when it was revealed Xbox Series X|S had surpassed 100,000 unit sales in Japan. Last week, Game Data Library also reported Xbox Series sales were set to overtake Xbox One sales. Famitsu will likely confirm the latest figures as well.

Back in June, Xbox confirmed Japan was the system's fastest-growing market. It follows on from Xbox stating for some time now how it wants to expand its reach within the region. It's also been working hard at securing Japanese partnerships and Japanese-made games for Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft Store.

How far do you think Xbox can go in Japan? Are you at all surprised to hear its new system has already overtaken the model from the previous generation? Leave your thoughts down below.