Ubisoft CEO Reportedly Asks Employees For 'Energy & Commitment' After Game Cancellations

Yesterday, a rather negative company report brought news that Ubisoft has cancelled three unannounced projects recently as it seeks to restructure its efforts towards delivering more successful game launches. In related news, it appears that the company's CEO is trying to rally the troops behind the scenes as well.

Kotaku is reporting that, alongside Ubisoft's financial call, CEO Yves Guillemot sent out an email to staff asking for further commitment on the company's "path to success". Here's how a segment of that email read, according to Kotaku:

"Today more than ever, I need your full energy and commitment to ensure we get back on the path to success..."

"I am also asking that each of you be especially careful and strategic with your spending and initiatives, to ensure we’re being as efficient and lean as possible."

One area that the company seemingly isn't being very efficient with is developing and releasing its upcoming pirate adventure Skull & Bones. Since its announcement back in 2017, Ubisoft has delayed the game six times, with the most recent delay pushing the launch window to somewhere between April 2023 and March 2024.

Even with all of this doom and gloom, the company says it is "leveraging the biggest pipeline of games" in Ubisoft history, naming Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Skull & Bones and "other yet-to-be-announced premium games" in its financial report.

What do you make of Ubisoft's upcoming lineup? Let us know which Ubi games you're interested in down below.

[source staticctf.akamaized.net, via kotaku.com]