Ubisoft Cancels Three 'Unannounced Games', Delays Skull & Bones Again

Ubisoft has posted a new financial report detailing its current fiscal year results, whilst also looking ahead to the next financial period for the company. The report contains some pretty big info drops on the team's upcoming slate of games, although the news isn't particularly positive.

Let's get this part out of the way real quick - Ubisoft has delayed Skull & Bones once again. Recently pushed back to March 2023 from a previous late 2022 release, the game will now launch on Xbox sometime between April 2023 and March 2024, providing it doesn't see another delay.

In other news, the company has also cancelled three games internally; games the public wasn't even aware of until this report. The reasoning behind these cancellations, apparently, is to focus on "building our brands and live services into some of the most powerful within the industry".

There is some positive news tucked in here for Ubisoft fans though, regarding upcoming games that may actually see the light of day. The company says it has a selection of premium games in the works that haven't been announced yet, including "a large one":

"Leveraging the biggest pipeline of games in the Ubisoft’s history, 2023-24 will see the releases of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Skull and Bones and other yet-to-be announced premium games, including a large one, as well as promising free-to-play titles for some of our biggest brands."

Will these unannounced games launch anytime soon? Will Skull & Bones ever see the light of day? Leave your thoughts down below.

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