Ubisoft has finally unveiled fresh Skulls & Bones gameplay, around five years after the game was initially revealed. The gameplay reveal goes over pretty much all aspects of the game, including the game's vast map, ship building opportunities, outpost locations and much more.

This huge pirate adventure is looking pretty good, and it's great to finally see the game in action again after a long, drawn-out development period. However, it is looking rather Sea of Thieves-esque (minus the visual style) and Skull & Bones' focus on multiplayer, co-op contracts and loot stealing looks extremely informed by Rare's own pirate adventure.

The developer also discussed the game's post-launch plans, and it's safe to say Ubi is going all-in on live service with Skull & Bones. The team is planning on supporting the game for years, with challenges, missions and more coming after the game is out in the wild.

Skull & Bones comes to Xbox Series X|S on November 8th, 2022.

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