Chinese publisher Playism has announced a brand-new update for its high-octane FPS Bright Memory: Infinite, and the big new feature here is a proper third-person mode for players to enjoy.

Dubbed 'Perspective-assist', the new mode enables a third person viewpoint during the majority of gameplay, with the title only switching to a first-person perspective when aiming down sights and using skills.

The free update is out now for all players on all systems, alongside a pair of new paid character skins that are currently exclusive to the PC version. Here's a look at the 'Rabbit School Uniform' outfit from the game's new third person perspective:

Super Shiny FPS 'Bright Memory Infinite' Is Now Playable In Third-Person Mode 1

We played through Bright Memory: Infinite at the game's Xbox Series X|S launch last summer, and while the core gameplay impressed us, its overall length still made the game feel like a tech demo. Still, we'll gladly take a new third person mode here - it should provide a nice reason to jump back in and replay the full game!

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