Bright Memory: Infinite just launched on Xbox; the follow up to Bright Memory 1.0 which dropped as an Xbox Series X and S launch title. We went hands-on recently and although we were somewhat disappointed in the game's length and mechanical depth, we can't deny its drop-dead gorgeous visuals.

We played through the shooter on Xbox Series X, but it seems like the Series S version is just as impressive. YouTuber The Xbox Tester has given the game a go on Xbox's all-digital console, and they've described the game as "insane" and "mindboggling" on Xbox Series S.

"This is Bright Memory: Infinite on Xbox Series S. This is next-gen, this is awesome."

"Go check out this game. It's mindboggling that they could get this out of a $299 console. Just wow."

It appears to run at around 1440p and 60FPS on Series S, which seems like a nice, balanced setup for that system. The rest of the visual makeup looks broadly similar to the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of the game.

However, the Series S does miss out on some additional performance modes. Xbox Series X also has a Ray Tracing mode and a 120Hz mode, and during our playtime, we stuck with the RT mode. Even so, this is an impressive effort on Xbox Series S, all things considered. Here's how it stacks up to other versions of the game:

Bright Memory: Infinite is out now on the Xbox Store at a price of £16.74 / $19.99, and you can get 20% off that price if you already own the original Bright Memory 1.0. Keep in mind there's sadly no Xbox One version for this game.

Will you playing through this one on Xbox Series S? Thoughts on how it looks? Let us know in the comments!

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