Roundup: Xbox Game Pass Romp 'Hi-Fi RUSH' Is Getting Fantastic Reviews So Far

It's safe to say we were all a little taken aback by Microsoft's surprise Xbox Game Pass drop last week, right? The completely unannounced Hi-Fi RUSH launched right after January's Xbox Developer Direct event, from the team over at Tango Gameworks.

And, well, the reception has been absolutely fantastic so far. We loved our time with this one, as did most critics it seems! Here are some early reviews of Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Game Pass:

Pure Xbox (9/10)

"You can feel Shinjji Mikami's influence all over this one, it's got that Vanquish magic, that God Hand swagger and attitude, all wrapped up in a delightfully colourful world full of good time vibes that's put us in a properly positive mood over the past few days. More of this kind of thing please!"

Prima Games (10/10)

"The truth is that Tango Gameworks just set the bar for 2023, and what was supposed to be a seemingly predictable year of releases has exploded into something nobody saw coming. Hi-Fi Rush is overflowing with personality, undeniable charm, and a style so unique, it’s almost impossible not to tap your feet along with it."

Forbes (10/10)

"Hi-Fi Rush is going to stay with me. I absolutely adore this game, far, far more than I would have imagined, given everything said above. It is, quite literally, infectious, as you will not only find yourself involuntarily bopping along with the beat as you play, but even after you’ve shut the game off."

Wccftech (9/10)

"Hi-Fi Rush is a fantastic game that combines two very popular genres and makes a wonderful and innovative game with a low skill floor but a high skill ceiling. The game is both accessible to newcomers to rhythm games and very challenging for veterans looking to be tested in several other areas that don't necessarily have to do with just rhythm games. The combat is varied, the combos you learn are great to execute, and the music is a joy to listen to. Overall, a great success."

Lords of Gaming (9/10)

"Even without Game Pass, Hi-Fi Rush is a must-play. Vibrant colors, lovable characters, and a phenomenal gameplay loop solidify itself as an early Game of the Year contender. Anyone who loved Devil May Cry will happily string combos just like Dante again. Adults who spent their childhoods playing Guitar Hero will adore the game’s matrimony to the rhythm. Platforming aficionados who played Ratchet & Clank or Psychonauts will get a kick out of the traversal."

VGC (4/5)

"Hi-Fi Rush is oozing with style and confidence, but like a messy first album, there are some deep cut tracks that don’t hit as hard as the opening few hits. What can’t be denied, however, is how excited we are for the sophomore effort, and the seemingly limitless versatility that Tango Gameworks have shown off in this bold, out-of-nowhere joy."

There's lots of praise knocking around for this Xbox Game Pass shadow drop, then, and it sounds very well deserved! Tango Gameworks' first Xbox exclusive is currently sitting at 86 on Metacritic for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at the time of writing, which is pretty freakin' great to see.

Have you been playing this one on Xbox Game Pass? Any thoughts so far? Drop them down below!