Report: Xbox Is 'All But Starting From Scratch' On Next Halo Project, Moving Over To Unreal Engine

Halo Infinite seems to be all over the gaming news right now, and sadly, not for the reasons you'd want it to be. Following Microsoft's recent round of company layoffs, we've been hearing a lot about restructuring at Halo dev 343 Industries, and a new report sheds even more light on what looks like a major shift for one of Xbox's biggest franchises.

To sum things up, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has gone on record to say that 343 Industries has, after a drawn out process, decided to move over to Unreal Engine for its next Halo project. That project is supposedly 'Project Tatanka', the rumoured battle royale game being co-developed by Certain Affinity. What exact shape this project will take is reportedly up in the air as well, as the game is still evolving.

"This switch [to Unreal Engine] will start with a new game code-named Tatanka, according to people familiar with the plans. That project, which 343 is developing alongside the Austin, Texas-based game studio Certain Affinity, started off as a battle royale but may evolve in different directions, the people said."

The report also says that there's a chance Unreal Engine could be the toolset of choice for mainline Halo games in future, although that future is apparently still very much up in the air at Xbox and 343 Industries right now.

Elsewhere, the report sheds more light on the layoff situation, specifically at 343 Industries, where we've already heard various reports about major cuts. Bloomberg says that their source claims "at least 95 people at the company have lost their jobs" in the recent reshuffle, which is no small number.

As usual with these kinds of reports, we must warn you that none of this is official information right now and it's all worth taking with a 'wait and see' approach. Schreier and Bloomberg do have a solid track record though, so major changes could be well be afoot for Master Chief and company in the coming months if this report is accurate.

What do you make of this? Would Unreal Engine make a good fit for Halo? Let us know your thoughts.