Xbox White Elite Series 2 Controller

Xbox says it's made some tweaks to the build quality of its Elite controllers with the release of the White Elite Series 2 pad, but already, fan feedback seems mixed as these things become available in the wild. We've spotted a few Reddit posts where folks are beginning to experience quality control issues; some of which carry over from previous iterations of the elite.

Take this one for example. Reddit user DamiK030 seems to be experiencing issues with button presses right out of the box - an issue that's reared its ugly head multiple times with prior versions of the elite, namely the standard black Elite 2.

Another user has already spotted problems with the grips on their White Elite Series 2, something the Series 1 pad was notorious for way back in 2015. This one won't impact gameplay quite as much, of course, but it's not what you want to see from a £100+ controller!

Thankfully, it's not all doom and gloom. This Xbox fan seems rather happy with their recent purchase, and going off the user's threaded comments, reliability appears to be holding up so far. We have to admit, it does look a beauty in these pictures!

It's safe to say that feedback has been mixed so far then, so build quality is still something to take into account with these high-end Xbox elite pads. Still, at least Microsoft's new 'Core' version offers the controller up for less money, and a longer warranty period.

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Would this still put you off an Elite Series 2, or is it worth the risk? Let us know your thoughts below!