Remember Everwild? Rare's brand-new IP was first unveiled way back in 2019 at this point, and we've been eager to hear more about it since its mysterious reveal. While the team has remained largely quiet about the game over the past few years, we do at least have some confirmation that work on the title is ongoing.

Louise O'Connor, Executive Producer on the game, has taken to Twitter to hint at what the team has been up to since they returned to the office in 2023.

This isn't a huge update on Everwild's progress admittedly, and sadly there's no more evidence of the game in action, but still, it's good to hear that development on Rare's next big thing is still happening.

Alongside Everwild's continued development, the team is still pushing out regular updates for Sea Of Thieves. The team only introduced 'Raids' to the game in 2022 - Rare doesn't seem to be slowing up on SoT development, that's for sure!

What do you want to see from Everwild? When will we next see it in action? Leave your predictions down below.