Xbox Provides An Update On Rare's Everwild, Says Reports Of A 'Reset' Are Too Extreme

As we've already highlighted, Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty appeared on the Kinda Funny Gamescast earlier today, and one of the topics centred around an update on progress for Rare's new IP, Everwild.

As you may remember, the game was recently said to have been "rebooted" (with Banjo Kazooie lead designer Gregg Mayles now helming the project), but Booty was quick to state that he felt calling it a "reset" was too extreme:

"When you look at it from the outside, when you hear a word like 'reset' and maybe 'restructure', I'll just say that those are probably a little more definite, a little more extreme than what really happens as a game comes to life.

Mark Turmell (NBA Jam creator) used to say that a game gets made a thousand small decisions at a time. That every day, you're making hundreds of small decisions and at the end of however long you work on the game, they all add up. And I think that's where the Everwild team is right now."

Booty went on to explain that, as with any game in which he can get behind-the-scenes access for a lengthy period of time, he's seen rough days and "magic" days during development, and it's a typical thing that studios go through:

"[The team] is trying to make sure that they've got something special. We've shown a glimpse of a world, you've seen the art style that the team has got, but we want to get it right... it's just natural that a team's going to kind of go through some of that process."

The Xbox exec did confirm that more details will be shared on Everwild "when the team has got cool stuff to show" and the intent isn't to "keep things hidden for too long", but ultimately the focus is creating the best game possible right now.

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