It's been almost two years since we first locked eyes with Everwild, Rare's gorgeous-looking new series. The thing is, aside from its incredibly beautiful art style, we don't really know much about what the game actually is.

However, a developer job description at least hints at a few notable features. A programmer at Rare has been working on Everwild since October 2019, and they've detailed a few of the game's core features.

As expected, the game is seemingly multiplayer-focused, as this particular developer has been creating a "large scale multiplayer world" over the last two-and-a-half years. Sounds sorta like Sea of Thieves, right?

Sea of Thieves Rare
Image: Sea of Thieves, Rare

Well, if more of a focus on single player is what you wanted to see, there's hints at that too. The same dev has been working on building "extended Artificial Intelligence systems" within Everwild, so there looks to be a stronger focus on PvE gameplay as well.

We've seen hints at Everwild retaining some of Sea of Thieves' multiplayer focus from its first couple of trailers, but having things in writing is at least a little bit more concrete. Let's hope we're treated to more Everwild soon, perhaps with some proper gameplay this time out.

Are you as excited to see more of Everwild as us? Let us know down in the comments.