No Straight Roads Director Saddened By Hurtful Comparisons To Hi-Fi Rush

We've spoken at length about how the new Xbox first-party release from Tango Gameworks, Hi-Fi RUSH, has been getting an amazing reception so far, but unfortunately it's had its drawbacks for the director of 2020 Xbox game No Straight Roads, who's revealed he's been seeing some hurtful comparisons between the two titles.

Yesterday, Wan Hazmer took to Twitter to comment on the fact that people are calling Hi-Fi RUSH a game that No Straight Roads "should have been", admitting that it might be true, but it still hurts to read it.

"Hi-Fi RUSH is what No Straight Roads should’ve been." So many people are saying this. Yes it may be true but it doesn’t hurt any less to see this. I love Hi-fi Rush though. Congrats to Tango Gameworks for a magnificent game."

Hazmer then went on to explain that it's not just about the fact that his feelings are hurt, but that it could also affect business decisions in the future, as some publishers may choose to compare to the two at face value.

"The truth is, it’s not just about feelings but business too. If we were to make NSR2, we have to pitch & convince a publisher to churn out dev funds, and some will compare them at face value disregarding context. It’ll be tough, for sure."

Context = budget differences, etc. especially now that AAA companies are delving into more experimental titles. It’s these factors that make an indie company / chance for a sequel thrive, or have its fate sealed. Thrilling though! And I’m still proud of what we did with NSR."

No Straight Roads might not have been as big a critical success as Hi-Fi RUSH, but it did still launch to fairly good reviews back in 2020, racking up a Metacritic high of 73%. The game is a "rockin' action-adventure that mashes together rhythm-infused third-person combat with a kick-ass soundtrack", so if you're enjoying Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Game Pass so far, it might be worth giving No Straight Roads a try!

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