Journey To The Savage Planet Is Getting A Free Xbox Series X|S Upgrade This February

It's been announced today that former Xbox Game Pass title Journey to the Savage Planet is getting a free Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S upgrade for owners of the Xbox One version on February 14th, 2023.

This version, known as the "Employee of the Month Edition", will add support for up to 4K resolution ("native or upscale") on Xbox Series X and S, including two graphics modes - one targeting visuals, and one targeting performance.

In addition, there are a bunch of extra features to look forward to:

"Employee of the Month Edition expands on the original Journey to the Savage Planet with the Hot Garbage DLC, bonus conversations with Martin Tweed, 4K support with Performance and Graphics options, and an enhanced photo mode to encapsulate the hallucinogenic surroundings!"

For those who haven't played it before, Journey to the Savage Planet is a sci-fi Metroidvania adventure game with platforming and puzzle elements, and it currently holds a 76 average score for Xbox One on Metacritic.

You can check out more details below, along with some brand-new screenshots.

"WELCOME TO THE PIONEER PROGRAM! As the newest recruit of Kindred Aerospace - The 4th best interstellar space exploration company - Your job is to determine if the planet ARY-26 planet is fit for humans. You may be short on equipment and experience, but good luck!"

Will you be checking out the free upgrade for Journey to the Savage Planet? Tell us down below.