Gears of War

It's been a while since Gears of War fans had something to be excited about, so what are the plans for 2023? Well, it appears there's a new card game "coming soon".

The catch is that it's not actually a video game, but instead a physical card game made by tabletop specialist, Steamforged Games. This project was originally announced in 2020 and is being overseen by The Coalition and team Xbox.

Here's a description, via BoardGameGeek:

"Gears of War: The Card Game offers an immersive way to enjoy Gears of War in a brand new format. In this story-driven campaign style game, the decisions you make in each narrative scenario have serious consequences on the battlefield in those that follow. Strike at the right moment, making your cards work together, fight together, and stand together — and, if necessary, die together. Choose how to develop your force as you play through unique narrative scenarios, each with their own objective and terrain layout. Each win or loss will affect the contents of your deck in the next scenario, allowing success or failure to impact your experience of the game. Will you side with the Coalition of Ordered Governments and send Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago into action, or will you command the Locust Horde and unleash the awesome power of the monstrous Brumak? Throw frag grenades at hordes of wretches? Or bait a corpser into attacking you before striking it when it's most vulnerable? The choice will be in your hands."

Steamforged Games has previously worked with IP such as Dark Souls and series like Resident Evil.

This card game isn't the first Gears of War project we've heard about in recent times. Last November, it was revealed The Coalition was teaming up with Netflix to adapt the video game saga into a live-action film. It's also believed development on the sixth game is currently underway.

Would you be interested in a physical card game based on Gears of War? Leave a comment below.