Gears 6

It's looking like development on the next Gears of War game is ramping up, at least according to a new job listing over at Microsoft's Careers portal. The post, which is advertising for a Lead Mission Designer, talks about the future of the series and how the applicant will be working closely with the 'Campaign Director' on the next game in the franchise.

Lead Mission Designer – Gears of War – The Coalition

"The Coalition is seeking an inspiring, highly motivated Mission Design Lead with a proven track record of delivering highly engaging, high-quality campaign experiences in games. In this position you will work with the Campaign Director and the Level Design Team to design the campaign experience, its pacing, its rewards, and the features that surround it."

This isn't wholly surprising — the studio is literally named after the game's friendly faction — but still, we weren't totally sure on what was next for The Coalition after Gears 5. There've been rumours that the Canadian team is working on a different IP to Gears, and Xbox's Aaron Greenberg mentioned earlier this year that the studio was focusing on several unannounced projects.

Regardless of what else is on the cards, it's looking like 'Gears 6' will certainly be a thing in some fashion. Recently, the developer all-but ended support for Gears 5 when it pulled the game's 'map builder' feature, giving out some handy achievements in the process. Back then, the reason for removing the mode was to "focus on future projects".

Do you want Gears 6 next? Or would you rather TC worked on another IP first? Let us know in the comments!