atomic heart game pass

Atomic Heart's Xbox Game Pass release is only about a month away at this point, and we're starting to get excited about diving into Mundifsh's weird and wonderful FPS world. Just weeks ahead of the title's day one arrival on Game Pass, the team has shared its general performance goals for Atomic Heart.

In short, the game will be running at a dynamic 4K / 60FPS on "next gen", with the team expecting those numbers to be at their strongest within the game's interior dungeons.

The game's outdoor open world areas — some of which were shown off in recent gameplay leaks — are still aiming for "mostly" 4K / 60FPS, although we could see more dips throughout those portions of the game.

Much like EA Motive's recent reveal of the Dead Space remake specs, the team hasn't separated Xbox Series S from Series X here, so we'd expect the numbers to be a little lower for Microsoft's budget Xbox console.

Are you looking forward to trying this one out on Xbox Game Pass? Come tell us in the comments!