We're not far off the launch of Mundfish's upcoming Xbox Game Pass shooter Atomic Heart, and we're starting to see leaked gameplay circulate online a good month-or-so before release.

The above video showcases a solid 15-minutes of uncut gameplay, featuring general combat, traversal and puzzle solving. We'll issue a spoiler alert here for those of you who want to go into Atomic Heart with fresh eyes at launch, which takes place on February 21st, 2023.

If you do want to see some of this footage, clips pulled from the YouTube leak are also starting to appear on social media. Remember, this could easily be footage from an older build of the game given its unofficial nature, so do keep that in mind.

As for official gameplay, the team last showed the title off earlier this month via a PC ray tracing trailer. All in all, Atomic Heart is looking a fun time indeed, and we're rather excited for its Xbox Game Pass launch next month!

What do you think to this leaked gameplay? Excited for the game's launch? Let us know.