Spyro Xbox

Spyro the Dragon first flamed its way onto the scene way back in 1998, originally as a PlayStation exclusive created by the Sony-owned Insomniac Games. Nowadays Activision owns the franchise, and the team behind the recent Spyro Reignited Trilogy is possibly hinting at more to come from the little purple dragon.

In a New Year post from developer Toys for Bob, Spyro was spotted floating up there in the top left portion of the picture, with a big '25' next to him. The first game launched in the US in September 1998.

Could this mean a brand-new Spyro release in 2023? Not necessarily, but you'd imagine the team will do something for the iconic mascot's quarter-century anniversary.

Interestingly, fans have also spotted that the binary numbers tucked behind the character show up slightly differently across various versions of the image, posted out to different social media sites. It's a stretch admittedly, but it could prove another subtle hint in due course!

For now, let's wait and see how things shake out. Remember, by the time the first game's anniversary does roll around, Toys for Bob could be an Xbox-owned studio, if the much-discussed ActiBlizz deal goes through in time.

Would you like to see more Spyro on Xbox? Let us know what you think of all this!

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