News - 2022, Week 32

Sunday14th Aug 2022

  • Feature Xbox Game Pass Is Hurting Right Now, But Larger Forces Are At Play

    All we need, is just a little patience

    Xbox Game Pass is, admittedly, experiencing a bit of a lull right now. Plenty of games are still coming of course, but the last few months have been devoid of any real heavy hitters, aside from some fairly old Ubisoft titles here and there. So, is the service declining in quality? Well, we've noticed quite a...

  • News New South Park Game Teased By THQ Nordic

    Going down to South Park...

    To send its digital showcase out with a bang this week, THQ Nordic teased (and kind of announced) a new South Park game. South Park Digital Studios is involved and unsurprisingly there will be some toilet humour. Apart from this, no other details such as platforms or a release date have been revealed just yet. Here's the...

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