The Callisto Protocol Xbox Update Adds 'Combat Improvements' Including Faster Animations

The Callisto Protocol dev Striking Distance Studios has deployed a brand-new update for its third-person horror shooter, and the patch addresses some of the community's biggest concerns from around launch.

Alongside the usual set of bug fixes and quality of life changes, the developer says it has made "combat improvements" to the overall game, although such changes haven't been fully detailed by the team.

While the dev hasn't been flush with info, we have seen a few examples of these changes on social media. Specifically, animations for both healing and dying have been sped up - you can now skip death animations altogether.

These seem like some solid improvements to The Callisto Protocol, and we're glad to see the updates coming thick and fast. Late last week, the team made changes to a ray-tracing bug affecting Xbox Series X players, so those "disappointing" technical issues at launch finally now seem to be rectified for the most part.

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