It's been a while since we've seen much on Stalker 2, about 6 months or so in fact, so as a little 'New Years' treat the team at GSC Game World has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Game Pass epic.

The 'Come to Me' gameplay trailer showcases even more of Stalker 2's huge open world, along with some of the dark, dire secrets that lie within it. The team says that Stalker 2's map will take shape as a "huge, borderless open-world" for players to explore when it hits Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass of course, next year.

We're still hugely excited for this one to drop, even after multiple delays pushed the game firmly into 2023 territory. Unfortunately, the team hasn't provided a more specific launch window for Stalker 2 just yet, although that's perhaps understandable given their circumstances in recent months.

For now we'll continue to wait with baited breath, hoping that Stalker 2 turns out to be one of 2023's finest Xbox Game Pass titles.

Are you still hyped for Stalker 2? What do you think to the new gameplay trailer? Let us know!