Stalker 2

Things have gone a little dark on Stalker 2 as of late, understandably so given the team's unfortunate involvement in the ongoing Ukraine war. However, the studio is back at developing now, and they've given us a fresh insight into how things are going ahead of the game's 2023 launch.

The team has dropped three new screenshots for us all to gawk over, and the game's world is looking as creepy and intimidating as ever. They're a little dark we must admit, but even if it's hard to make out all the tiny details, things are looking very good indeed.

As far as we know, Stalker 2 is still aiming for a 2023 release window. It was initially scheduled to launch this April, before two delays moved the game to December 2022, and then sometime in 2023. Even so, this post-apocalyptic shooter remains one our most anticipated Xbox Series X|S titles. Oh, and the game hits Xbox Game Pass on day one as well. Good stuff!

Are you still looking forward to Stalker 2 despite the delays? Let us know below.