Halo Forge Mode

Halo Infinite Forge mode finally arrived earlier this year, with 343 Industries delivering the series' most comprehensive set of custom game tools yet. While the mode has already enabled plenty of classic Halo content, like maps from previous games in the series, we weren't ready for what some of the community has started to come up with.

Doing the rounds on Twitter are a couple of pretty amazing looking Mario Kart-inspired tracks, built and playable using Halo Infinite's new Forge mode. Seriously!

'Rainbow Road' isn't the only MK course to appear either. The very same creators have now built 'Bowser's Castle' too, and that one is looking pretty epic as well.

Both of these tracks can be found within Halo Infinite's Forge mode files, showcasing just how versatile 343's toolset really is. This thing can be used to develop proper Halo multiplayer maps, or clearly, Mario Kart-inspired race tracks if you'd prefer!

We might have to download both of these and give them a whirl to be honest, they look like quite a nice change of pace from our normal Halo multiplayer shenanigans. 'Coconut Mall' next?

Would you play either of these MK-inspired tracks in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments!