Halo Infinite The Pit

During today's Halo Esports livestream, the team has announced that classic Halo 3 map, 'The Pit', is returning in Halo Infinite later this year. The remake will be built using the game's new Forge tools, which launch this November in beta form.

The Pit marks the first classic map remake to come to Halo Infinite since launch, arriving as a nice anniversary gift for Halo 3's 15th birthday (yep, it's that old!).

The map appears to have a quite a different look to the original, with 343 opting for a different style and colour tone with the remade version. Hopefully elsewhere the map stays fairy true to its origins, after all, it's a classic!

The Pit will launch shortly after Halo Infinite's winter update, which arrives on November 8th.