Outer Wilds Is Getting A Lot Of Attention Before It Leaves Xbox Game Pass

Although Microsoft has kept unexpectedly quiet about the second batch of Xbox Game Pass games for December 2022 so far, we already know what's leaving the service on December 31st, and it includes the fantastic Outer Wilds.

Since the announcement, we've seen quite a lot of attention being diverted towards the game, with many players urging Xbox Game Pass members to try it before it leaves. You can see an example of this below:

However, not everyone feels the same way, with some suggesting they just "couldn't get into it":

Whether you're a fan of Outer Wilds or not, it's definitely one of the most popular games leaving the Xbox Game Pass library on December 31st, along with the likes of Scarlet Nexus and Tropico 6.

And if you still haven't played it yet (or haven't played it in a while), it's worth noting that Outer Wilds now benefits from a free Xbox Series X and Series S upgrade, bringing the game up to native 60FPS on both consoles. So, even if you couldn't get into it before, you might find that you enjoy the experience a lot more with the recent update.

What are your thoughts on Outer Wilds? Let us know down in the poll and comments below.

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