Hey Microsoft, Could We Please Get Our 'Xbox Year In Review' Stats For 2022?

You may have noticed earlier this week that the PlayStation "Wrap-Up 2022" and Nintendo "Year in Review 2022" stats were officially made available, allowing players to view information about their gaming habits over the past 12 months.

We've seen a lot of people asking the question about whether there's an "Xbox Wrap-Up 2022" or an "Xbox Year in Review 2022", but Microsoft hasn't revealed anything as of yet. In fact, even though these kinds of annual roundups used to be pretty commonplace for Xbox, we haven't seen this format for a few years now.

There was a slight exception to the rule last year when Microsoft allowed players to see stats about their entire history on Xbox as part of the 20th anniversary "Xbox Museum", but that feature has since sadly been disabled.

We'll keep our eyes peeled and let you know if Microsoft unleashes an Xbox Year in Review 2022 feature of any kind — we'd love to check out some of our Xbox Game Pass stats from the past 12 months in particular!

Have you been checking out the PlayStation and Nintendo wrap-ups for 2022? Tell us down below.