Undead Labs is still quietly working away on State of Decay 3 - we say quietly because we haven't seen any gameplay since its original announcement! Well, thankfully, that could be because the team wants to go all out with its third State of Decay iteration.

In a new interview with Xbox's Matt Booty, State of Decay 3 is discussed, particularly in regards to how the game is being built on Unreal Engine. Booty says that Gears of War dev The Coalition is helping with all things Unreal Engine at Xbox, and the team wants to create something that'll "compete visually" against the competition.

"We want that game [State of Decay 3] to compete, we want it to compete visually. One of the things that the team there is really focused on is animation, animation technology, being able to really up — for State of Decay 3 — the interactivity between the player and the environment."

Considering the first two State of Decay games are what you'd probably call 'lower budget' titles, this is music to our ears! We really hope that State of Decay 3 is built into a more AAA game this time around, and it sounds like that's the vision that Xbox has for the series.

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