Random: Xbox's Boss Has Set Up A Mastodon Account, Just In Case...
Image: Xbox

One of the major ways Xbox communicates with fans is via the social media website Twitter. Now, as you might have heard, there's been some drama unfolding since the billionaire Elon Musk acquired the platform for roughly $44 billion.

It seems many individuals are worried about the future of Twitter, and are now coming up with alternative ways to keep in touch with fans and followers. Some members of the Xbox team such as Aaron Greenberg have already set up Mastodon profiles, and now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has created his own page as well.

Random: Xbox's Boss Has Set Up A Mastodon Account, Just In Case... 2
Image: Mastodon

In a nutshell, Mastodon was initially released in 2016 and is an "open-source" social networking server service with posting features that are somewhat similar to Twitter. Phil's not the only one jumping on board this platform, either.

The networking service has experienced a high volume of users from all walks of life in recent weeks - with the company mentioning in a post this weekend how it was "experiencing the highest volume of traffic" it's ever reached.

"Currently Masto.host is experiencing the highest volume of traffic that has ever reached the infrastructure. The service is partially degraded and I will be doing fast upgrades on the platform. These can lead to partial downtime, errors and large delays in support requests. Really sorry. Doing the best I can on my end. Hope you understand. Thanks."

So, what's Phil posted so far on his new Mastodon account? He's 'boosted' (similar to a retweet) some comments about Flight Simulator and Pentiment, and also praised Vampire Survivors once again. His recommendation is a "garlic + lightening ring" combination to dominate in-game.

"Phil Spencer: "Thanks for the warm welcome to Mastodon. I’m learning more about this place in between #VampireSurvivors runs. Garlic + Lightning Ring is OP and so satisfying.""

If we see an official Xbox page or anything similar pop up in the near future on Mastodon, we'll keep you in the loop. It's worth noting that Phil and other Xbox employees are still active on Twitter too though, with no signs of them leaving the platform right now.

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