Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2.0 Season One content is beginning to go live, including new multiplayer maps, weapons, operators and more. A key way to grab some extra free content within Call of Duty's live service is via the Battle Pass system, and Infinity Ward is doing things a little differently this time around.

Rather than a linear track filled with free and paid rewards - as we've seen since Modern Warfare 2019 - MW2 introduces a 'combat map' where players can pick and choose which rewards to unlock. High value rewards are unlocked by completing map 'sectors', made up of a selection of smaller rewards (sectors contain up to five rewards each).

Warzone 2

The whole system sounds a bit complicated on the surface, but the method of earning rewards is largely the same. Rather than working through 100 linear 'tiers' by playing the game, that same playtime will earn players 'battle tokens' to spend wherever they want within the battle pass combat map.

As has been the case since the Battle Pass system was first introduced in Call of Duty, a selection of these rewards will be attainable for free, while a larger selection make up the paid pass. Call of Duty's premium Battle Pass costs $9.99 or £8.39, using 1000 'COD Points'; the series' in-game currency.

"Using a Battle Token Tier Skip 'unlocks' an item for access. Items tagged with 'Free' are available for all players. Get the full Battle Pass to get every item available."

Thankfully, like most Battle Pass systems, any COD Points used to pick up the premium pass will be regained by completing it, plus an extra 400 Points in this year's game to spend within the in-game store.

All in all, we're liking the freedom MW2's Battle Pass provides, so long as it doesn't overcomplicate things. We'll have to see how that pans out!

Are you looking forward to jumping into MW2 / Warzone 2.0 season 1? Let us know!