'Atomic Heart' Dev Unleashes Fresh Batch Of Gameplay Screenshots

Earlier this month, Atomic Heart developer Mundfish announced the upcoming title's new release date; it's hitting Xbox Game Pass on February 21st, 2023. Recently we've seen quite a lot of Atomic Heart in motion, and ahead of its launch, the team has some fresh gameplay screenshots for us all to gaze over.

We're given a glimpse at both some conventional and not-so conventional weaponry here, along with some of the game's varied backdrops, and even an in-game cutscene shot. Here's the full batch:

Atomic Heart continues to look absolutely mad, and we're very excited for its Xbox Game Pass launch! If you're after some new gameplay footage, the team recently dropped a 10-minute trailer showcasing one of the game's boss fights.

Are you as excited as us about Atomic Heart? Let us know your thoughts on it down below.