Alan Wake Remastered & CrossfireX Failed To 'Generate Royalties' For Remedy During Q3

Developer Remedy Entertainment has released its last-quarter financial results, and they make for some interesting reading on the team's direction over most of 2022. While the company is positive about its upcoming project pipeline, income from some of the studio's new releases over the last year-or-so has started to dry up.

Both Alan Wake Remastered, and the Xbox exclusive CrossfireX, "did not generate royalties" over the third quarter of 2022. Game royalties from 2019's Control also decreased during the same time frame, although that's to be expected given the game's age.

"In the third quarter of 2022, revenue grew by 7% to EUR 7.9 million. Development fees made up 95% and royalties 5% of the revenue. Key positive contributors were the development fees from Alan Wake 2 and Max Payne 1&2 Remake.

At the same time, development fees from Codename Condor and Alan Wake Remastered and game royalties from Control decreased from the comparison period. Alan Wake Remastered and Crossfire did not generate royalties."

Recently, we took a look at an interesting comparison clip for Alan Wake Remastered, pitting the game's new Nintendo Switch version against the Xbox 360 original. Seriously, the Xbox 360 version still looks great to this day!

The future for Remedy is looking much brighter, which is great news. The team says that development on Alan Wake 2 is "coming together on all fronts", with Remedy still aiming for a 2023 release with its long-awaited sequel. Plus, there are new Control and Max Payne projects in the works, which we can't wait to get a sneak peek of.

What do you make of this news? Still hyped for Alan Wake 2? Let us know your thoughts.