Alan Wake's Nintendo Switch Launch Highlights The Xbox 360's Brilliance

Okay, so, fairly recently Remedy began the process of bringing back Alan Wake in a big way. The Xbox 360 classic received a remaster on modern platforms, and we got confirmation of Alan Wake 2 being in the works. Well, the 2021 remaster has now been ported to Nintendo Switch, and it makes us look back fondly on the Xbox 360 version.

Since the game's shadow launch on Switch, a comparison video between the 360 version and its Switch counterpart has already begun circulating online. It doesn't make for great viewing for those interested in Nintendo's platform, but we want to focus on how well the Xbox 360 version holds up. Seriously!

The lighting, effects and overall presentation still look spot on in the original, something the Switch seemingly can't quite match up to. Sure, the Xbox 360 version has a pretty low resolution but other than that, it still looks great.

To top it all off, if you play Alan Wake via backwards compatibility it takes advantage of FPS Boost on Xbox Series X and S, meaning smooth 60FPS action. Sure, we still recommend the remaster on modern platforms without a doubt, but the Xbox 360 original is still a great way to play this Xbox classic in 2022!

What do you make of this comparison? Surprised at how good it looks on 360? Let us know down below.