Xbox GameDVR

Microsoft has announced some very welcome GameDVR improvements for Xbox Series X And S owners this week. As part of the Xbox Insider Program's latest update, specifically for the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings, improvements have been made to GameDVR video quality.

At both 720p and 1080p resolutions, GameDVR clips have seen a bitrate boost, by up to 30% no less. This should lead to better overall video quality, with less pixel breakup when viewing clips back after recording. Winner!

"On Xbox Series S|X consoles, Game DVR captures at 720p and 1080p now experience up to a 30% increase in bitrate."

The other new feature coming with this Insider update doesn't have anything to do with capture recording, but it's still a welcome addition. That's the ability to 'Ask to join' friends, where basically if you see a friend online and are interested in joining their session, you can ask to check if there's space in the lobby, and if they want you in of course!

"Want to join a friend, but aren’t sure if they’ve got room for more? Starting today, a random subset of users will see the ‘Ask to join’ feature is now easier to use. Just navigate to a friend’s profile and use the ‘Ask to join’ button to send them a notification letting them know you’re interested. Then they can easily respond with a message or an invite to get you into the game."

As is the norm, Xbox has also implemented a bunch of fixes to the Xbox OS in this Insider update, along with naming some other known issues, which are all detailed on the Xbox Insider website.

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