'The Witcher Remake' Announced, Development Has Already Begun 2

In a surprise announcement, it's been revealed that The Witcher Remake is currently in development at Polish studio Fool's Theory, with CD Projekt Red providing "full creative supervision". It's also being built using Unreal Engine 5!

In a statement, the team stressed the need for patience as the game is still in its early stages:

"The Witcher Remake is what you might know by the codename “Canis Majoris”. It’s still early and we want to ensure that the game is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, therefore, while we’re excited to share the news with you, we want to ask you for patience as it will be a while until we start talking about this project in detail."

The first Witcher game was released in 2007 and never ended up gracing a console at all (just PC and Mac), so it'll be great to see this chapter of the saga finally arriving on Xbox for the first time.

There are clearly some massive plans in the works for The Witcher right now, with The Witcher 3 getting a free next-gen upgrade very soon, and confirmation that The Witcher 4 will be the first game in a new multi-part saga. Busy times!

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